How to distribute your content

In previous posts we have talked about how to create and implement a content strategy. We have gone over the basic of content planning and how to adapt it to the customer journeys. Now it’s time to talk about how to distribute your content.

After all the work that we have put into creating a great content, it will be a shame if you don’t promote your content through the right channels. And it’s now when your customer persona plays an important role. How do you think your customers and prospects will access your content?

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How AI could change customer experience

After many years working in marketing and customer experience, I´ve always believed that the best way to support a sustainable business growth is to develop and implement the right customer experience. For many years, many different companies and industries have been trying to design the perfect customer experience and organizations jumped into the race of accumulating historical customer data. The problem many companies faced is that most of the time no one knew exactly what to do with that data.

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What Omnichannel has to do with the quality of your customer data.

We can agree that Omnichannel is a trend now and many companies and business are looking for new ways to engage with their customers. I have been working in omnichannel for a few years now and I always pay attention when people ask what I do for a living.

Most people, when they talk about omnichannel, think of companies that offers them the possibility to buy their products online or via app. Few refer of physical stores and only a couple talk about direct sales. But in reality, omnichannel is much more. It starts even before you become a customer.

One of the biggest challenges facing an omnichannel strategy is how to ensure data quality. Today, customers expect brands to deliver individual experiences when behavioral patterns have become less and less predictable.

Imagine you sell sofas. It’s easy to find a customer or a prospect who visit your online shop or website, takes a look around and check out some of your products. Maybe he/she subscribes to your newsletter looking for special promotions. Then visits your store downtown, because before buying a sofa it’s important to sit on it and make sure it’s comfortable (I always do the nap test). Of course, for sure you are not the only option, so the customer keep looking and after a few days/weeks, comes back to your website and make a purchase.

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El customer journey ha muerto

Seguro que a más de uno le habrá dado algo. ¿Cómo puede ser que el customer journey haya muerto si es lo que está más de moda? Pues justamente por eso, por estar de moda y aplicarse de forma banal y superficial, dejando sin sentido a la idea inicial por la que se pensó en llevar a cabo, que era poner en el centro de nuestra estrategia al cliente y crear una propuesta de valor entorno a él.

Pero creo que debemos comenzar por el principio. ¿Qué es el customer journey? Podemos tomar la definición del customer journey como la suma de experiencias por las que pasa un cliente cuando interacciona con nuestra marca o empresa, con independencia del tipo de interacción que se lleve a cabo, con transacción económica o sin ella .

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