How AI will change the way we understand the user experience on websites

Everyone is talking about Artificial Intelligence (AI) and how is going to reshape the future. But this future may be closer than you expect and will have significant impact on many business and how we understand the customer experience.

Image from the movi Big Hero 6, where AI is used for... let's say healthcare.

Many years ago, having a website was a big deal. When I started in the digital business, you had to know how to code in HTML. The revolution came when software started to come out that allowed you to design websites using predefined modules. In the 2010s we started talking about responsible websites. But for a long time Flash design was everywhere. I remember those oversized images or banners that took up most of the home page of the website. And you had to scroll down for a while to access real content. Finally, HTML5 banished Flash and ushered in a new era, and new social media platforms pushed brands to stop worrying so much about their website, as they could approach their customers in a better and more direct way.

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Un cambio de aires

Soy consciente que desde hace tiempo no actualizo este blog, pero últimamente hemos afrontado cambios importantes en nuestra vida que nos han tenido centrados en otras cosas. Para bien o para mal, tras cuatro años en México, esta increíble experiencia a tocado a su fin y nos hemos mudado a Suiza. Todo un cambio en muchos aspectos: estilo de vida, ritmo y, también, tipo de trabajo.

Desde el momento que llegué a México sabía que esta iba a ser una experiencia única, pero con una fecha de caducidad definida. Pudimos alargar la experiencia un año más, en principio iban a ser tres, pero al final llegó el momento de regresar a Europa. Así que comenzamos una nueva experiencia en Suiza, también de la mano de Vorwerk, en el área de User Experience.

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