A new change in life

The last few months have been a bit hectic. The new year has brought many changes, with little time to stop for a minute and look at the road we have traveled in the last years. After 12 years working for Vorwerk, 2023 has brought a new project in the pharmaceutical industry. But that’s a topic for another day.

Photo by tousif khan on Pexels.com

Today I would like to take a moment to pause and look back. To the steps that have led me to this moment and to the people who have accompanied me along the way. In 2010 I started working at Vorwerk to support and develop the company’s digitalization strategy, specifically for the Thermomix brand, thanks to the trust that people like Valentine Delbauffe and Ignacio Fernandez-Simal had in me. I became part of an incredible team, full of good colleagues with whom I shared unique experiences. Shortly after joining the team, Cécile Marié joined as Marketing Director. Perhaps she, along with Teresa Machado, my boss in Mexico, have been the people who have taught me the most about direct sales.

Thanks to Vorwerk, I had the opportunity to get to know Mexico and enjoy 4 wonderful years, facing the project of creating the Marketing team and launching the new Thermomix, at that time, in Mexico. During those years we were able to create a fantastic team that managed to do the impossible with the few resources we had. And it fills me with pride to see how that team continues to grow and develop, both inside and outside of Vorwerk.

In recent years I had the opportunity to develop a more global vision, working with different markets, different realities and needs, within an international team. The experience was very enriching and I enjoyed creating concepts and strategies that I hope can help to improve the company in the future, as I did when I was working in Spain or Mexico. But there comes a time when things must come to an end. I had to look for new challenges, new adventures, new projects. So all that remains is to take a last look back, admire the road travelled, let out a last sigh and start walking again, in a new adventure, walking a new path.

Thank you all for having been there, for having helped me to walk parts of this road. I wish you all the best and hope you too can look back, someday, with the same pride and satisfaction. And as they say in German: it’s not goodbye, it’s see you soon. Auf Wiedersehen!!

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