Introduction to content management

Few days ago, I was talking with a friend who needed help promoting his business. He had come up with an idea to generate more customers with a new service that he could easily implement in his company. “This sound like a good plan”, I told him. “But I don´t know how I can implement it, my customers don´t know they need it”, he said.

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This may sound familiar. Many times we come up with ideas about new products and services, good ideas, that we don´t know how to share with our customers. They´re many things you can do to try to solve this, but we are going to talk today about one: content generation and content management.

I have been working in content generation and content management longer than I would like to admit. I remember one of my clients, when I first started in the digital business with my own company. They were in the videogame industry and they wanted to promote some of their new games. At that time, and I´m talking about 15 years ago, the hot place was Facebook. Everybody wanted to be there, have their own page and get millions of followers. But it was not an easy task.

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I convinced them to create content for their fans, people who followed those games and would be eager to know more about how it played, how it was made, the characters, the history, etc. I had been never a real gamer myself, so it was also a challenge for me as well. But we put together a good team that could create with fantastic material that the users loved. Within three months, our Facebook page had more than twice as many fans as the US page, so imagine how pleased we were. And how happy the client was. And sales followed soon after. By now you should have a sense of how important the right content is for your business. You can survive without it, but it´s easier when you invest some money and time in it. In the next post, since I try to keep each one short and easy to read, we are going to talk about how to create content, to define a good content strategy and how this strategy can help your business. If you are interested, follow the series of posts that I´m going to write about content creation and content management.

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